How long does it take to complete the full Qāʿidah?

Based on our internal data and feedback from external institutes to complete the Complete Qāʿidah properly takes on average approx 14 - 24 months.

We understand there are challenges to swiftly move on to Juz Amma so in such extreme cases we would suggest using some of the techniques below.

Case study 1 - After a student has mastered any given level, even after completing just one page, if the teacher feels he/she comfortable in doing so, they may let the student move on to the next level without completing all the extra exercises and still see great results inshaAllah. 

Case study 2- Utilise our Abridge Qai'dah which has the same approach with few examples but ensure strict feedback is given on each line of Sabaq.

Case study 3 - Ensure student is giving his/her Sabaq as frequently as possible, to ensure this can happen practice at home before attending the madrasah is critical and utilise our free online lessons that will assist the student.

The Qāʿidah may look bigger and bulkier than others but the approach we have take is we want to focus on investing in quality foundations so it has a greater lasting impact later when the students are older and much more fluent when it comes to reading the Qu'ran.

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