Who should use the Abridged Qāʿidah and who should use the Complete Qāʿidah?

At all Safar Academy branches, we use the Complete Qāʿidah as do most institutes who use Safar’s books,we advise other Institutes to assess their own needs and practices first. Due to the added advantages of the Complete Qaidah, we would recommend that is used wherever possible, however there are some examples of where the Abridged Qaidah may be a suitable choice:

  • Where financial restraints mean the lower price of the Abridged Qāʿidah will make it a more sustainable option
  • When the student or students in question already know how to read and they will be using a Qaidah very briefly to revise or for a few key concepts.
  • When a teacher or Institute does not wish to write any feedback or track progress using the diary system and annotation space
  • When a teacher or Institute is using another traditional Qāʿidah  and wants to begin using the Safar Qāʿidah for its comprehensiveness but does not want to make a huge visible change or a change which is too drastic.
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