Is it better for one person to teach the full curriculum to the same class?

Although this is not necessary (apart from classes for really young learners), it is more effective, in our experience, for all the books in the curriculum to be taught by the same teacher. Doing this allows the teacher to be much better aware on how the different syllabus parts tie together and thus, the teacher can ensure connected parts of the syllabus are taught around the same time. (The syllabus overview at the back of all the textbooks and the Teacher Guides explain which lessons tie together with Duʿāʾs and Sūrahs in the Learn by Heart Series). For example: Ṣalāh actions may be taught in the Learn about Islam series, but the Duʿāʾs and Sūrahs related to Ṣalāh may be taught using the Learn by Heart Series. Having one person teach both subjects makes this a lot easier to manage. 

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