Is the Safar curriculum for me?

Our curriculum

The Safar curriculum is based on traditional Islamic sources and understanding and is also shaped by effective educational theories and practices. Most importantly, it is the result of practical feedback from students and teachers across the world, including our very own staff and students at Safar Academy. One of our core values is seeking perfection and quality;  because of this, our curriculum and comprehensive support services are continually improved and refined, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of learners and educators in today’s ever-changing world. So, if you are looking for a curriculum that not only teaches Islam in a holistic, engaging and meaningful way but also provides you with the tools, materials and support to deliver top class education and  tarbiyah (spiritual and moral development), then this is the curriculum for you. 

Can I use it in an institution and at home?

Our curriculum is designed to be used in all Islamic educational settings to teach young learners about Islam. It is a highly adaptable series and can be used to meet the needs of a weekday or weekend timetable. It can also be used for homeschooling and by parents and guardians as general teaching or reading material for children. So, whether it is a maktabmadrasah, weekend or weekday school or you simply want something to teach and learn from with your children, our curriculum is suited for all such settings. 

What ages does the curriculum cater for?

Our primary syllabus caters broadly for the ages 5-11 and includes Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies (Qāʾidah, Tajwīd), Duʿāʿs and Sūrahs as well as a forthcoming Arabic language syllabus. We also have a secondary Islamic Studies syllabus which caters for the ages 12-16. It's a complete learning package from the start of your child's learning right through to adulthood.

How can I deliver the best lessons and teaching?

The Islamic Studies syllabus contains textbooks, workbooks and Teacher's Guides (Schemes of Work). We also provide training and workshops for new and experienced users of the full curriculum, in order to help you get the most out of our publications as well as provide you with the skills you need to become an outstanding teacher.  Furthermore, we also have online resources  for you to use with our curriculum: the  Safar Teacher's Toolbox

Want to learn more?

Watch the videos below to learn more about the different parts of the curriculum:

1) Learn about Islam Series (Islamic Studies)

2) Learn to Read Series (Qurʿān and Tajwīd)

3) Learn by Heart Series

If you have any questions after watching the videos, contact us; and we can arrange a consultation to discuss how our curriculum can be adopted in your institution or teaching plans.
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