What is the criteria for the duas you have selected?

We have been selective in choosing the duas that are found in the app and our books. We had three main goals when selecting the duas:

1. Only use duas that are authentic
2. Prioritise duas available with faḍail mentioned in aḥadith
3. Select the most concise duas for ease of memorisation
Overall, we did not want to make this work something that would be abandoned due to its enormity; those who wish to include more duʿāʾs in their daily worship can refer to the larger books in this field inshāAllah.
If you have any suggestions for us, please do let us know by contacting us on on [email protected] or +447415 220785 (Also available on Whatsapp, Skype and Telegram)
It is with your open and honest comments and suggestions that we are able to fulfil one of our founding aims to continually improve the publications and services we provide.  
JazākAllāhu khairān
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