Dua Qunoot in the Essential Duas and Surahs Book 1

There are various duas that have been narrated in the context of the Qunoot of Witr from various Sahaba.

In many Hanafi books of Fiqh there is a particular dua which is mentioned. Based on our research it seems to us that this dua has been formulated from several different narrations by adding all the different words in those different narrations to make up this one comprehensive dua. 
As there is no prescribed Qunoot in Witr we do not think that making such a dua will be wrong or impermissible. However we have adopted a methodology in our dua book where we try our best to mention the exact wording of duas that are in reliable narrations. Therefore we preferred to write a version of Qunoot which is exactly taken from one of the narrations instead of mixing various narrations together. We chose the narration from Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah which is narrated by Ibn Masud RA because it is the closest in wording to the dua which is in many of our books of Fiqh. 
Allah knows best.
Please see reference below:

مصنف ابن ابي شيبه. الطبعة الاولى. دار تاج بيروت - لبنان. ١٤٠٩\١٩٨٩ -

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