How to retain duas which have been learnt in the past

It is quite common for children to forget the duas they have learnt. We have gathered a few tips to help students remember and retain all the duas they learn insha'Allah:

  1. Do not let a student move to the next level until all previous Duas have been revised thoroughly. You can test them on every dua to ensure this has been done.
  2. Follow the revision instructions that are found within the Dua books. For example; the first target found in Level 3 (Dua Book 1) is to revise level 1, targets 1-5.
  3. In each memorisation lesson, ask the students to read the new dua they are learning as well as the last 3-5 duas.
  4. Parents should encourage children to always say duas loudly at specified times and occasions. This allows the parents to assess the duas and reminds others to say the duas as well.
  5. Continuously remind students to say the Duas at the specified times and remind them about the virtues (fadhail) as well as the high reward for each du’a they read. Also remind them of how this simple act of reciting the duas will weigh down the scale of good deeds on the day of judgement.
  6. Ask students to write down duas and stick them up in the relevant places in their homes.

These are just some suggestions from us, there may also be other methods which can be used to retain and remember duas for life insha'Allah.

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