Frequently asked questions about Safar Books

Order & Delivery


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Delivery & Tracking

Questions on Delivery of the Safar Publications books

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International Deliveries

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Islamic Studies

Primary Islamic Studies Syllabus

How to use Safar Textbooks 1-6 as well as workbooks and the Teacher's Guide

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Secondary Islamic Studies Syllabus

FAQs on how to use and implement the Safar Textbook and Workbook 7

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Using the Syllabus

Frequent questions and tips on how to use and implement the Safar curriculum

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Teacher Training and Support

FAQs in the Safar teacher training

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Teacher's Guides

Help on using the Safar Schemes of Work (Teacher's Guides)

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Workbooks & Testing

How to use the Safar workbooks as well as administer exams and tests

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Qāʾidah and Tajwīd

Rules of Tajwīd

Using the Safar Rules of Tajwīd

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Safar Qāʾidah

Questions on using the Safar Qāʾidah

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Implementation & Training

Syllabus implementation FAQs

Tips and help on using and implementing the Safar curriculum

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