What resources or learning aids can I use when teaching?

The Safar textbooks provide you with the teaching content that you will need to deliver a structured and paced learning programme (together with the advice in the Schemes of Work). This is the first aspect of a effective and comprehensive syllabus. The other important element of a good teaching programme is what happens in a lesson;what the teacher does and the methods they use when delivering content to learners. 

Check out our online resources website, the Safar Teacher's Toolbox where users of our syllabus continually upload inspiring resources for you to download and try in the classroom!

What type of resources can I use?

Resources and activities can be visual (something students see), auditory (something they hear or listen to), kinesthetic (something they can touch, feel and do) as well those that focus on individual thinking and reflection. For example, this can be:

  • Items that you bring into to show (e.g., sand or stone during a lesson on tayyamum, a toy fish during a the story of Yūnus (as)), 
  • Something that you watch, (e.g., a video about the sun rising and setting, to understand Ṣalāh times), 
  • Something that they listen to (a nashīd or a speech or the Safar bedtime stories
  • Something that you, as a teacher, do in class.  For example, check this video out for what a teacher does in class to demonstrate the concept of istighfār (seeking forgiveness from sins; or you can do a card trick in class to explain the concept of illusion and magic (during the Story of Mūsā (as); or using nashīds (here are a few by our own students).
  • quiet reading or reflection and meditation (muḥāsabah, murāqabah) that you conduct with students. (for example, the lesson Concentration in Ṣalāh in the Year 6 textbook).

Also, the Year 1 workbook (and accompanying Scheme of Work) already has all the resources and instructions you will need to deliver an engaging and exciting lessons for children using the Year 1 textbook.  

This document (prepared by one of our teachers) has many more classroom activity ideas: 
Safar Academy_Classroom Activities.pdf

Where can I get more ideas?

Our Schemes of Work provide you with tips and help you will need to deliver a effective and engaging lesson; it provides ideas for resources and learning aids that you can make and use when teaching. This are simple but effective ideas that are also won't take a lot of time or money to create.  

For example, it contains tips such as the following:

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