Why are the chapters in the books not grouped by theme or unit?

We usually receive a common question about why the chapters in our books are mixed-up in terms of themes or units. That is for example, all fiqh topics are spread out through the book as opposed to being in one place. Why is this?

Firstly, if you wish to teach the book based on a particular theme or unit, you can easily do this as we have provided this information in the contents pages, as well as the syllabus overview at the back of the books. This is what the syllabus overview looks like:

The colour coded contents groups the topic according to five common units: Aqīdah, Fiqh, History, Sīrah and Personal development:

You can teach one unit/colour  completely;  for example, blue, which represents Aqīdah, can all be taught in one go before moving onto the next unit of your choice.

Why do we at Safar prefer to mix up the topics?

The books have been very carefully designed over a number of years, with experiences and feedback from our classrooms and advice from many scholars. We have mixed each term up with different subjects and lessons in order to make learning a more engaging and exciting experience. This also ties in with the national teaching standards of not delivering a subject in its totality in one session. Rather, by spreading similar topics, it gives students an opportunity to revisit a topic or theme at multiple times throughout the year. This ensures all children are covered from a learning perspective and also helps with retention by reinforcing the knowledge learnt in the past. This is a best practice.

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