Why are the chapters in the books not grouped by theme or unit?

Books 7 and 8 are arranged into units, whereas books 1-6 are not grouped in any theme or unit. We believe in incorporating variety in our teaching approach, particularly for younger children. Our books have undergone years of design and have benefited from feedback and expertise from educators and scholars. Each term, we mix up different subjects and lessons to create an engaging learning experience. Furthermore, this aligns with the national teaching standards, where we avoid delivering a subject in its entirety in a single session. Instead, by spreading out topics, we provide students the chance to revisit a theme or subject several times throughout the year, which in turn reinforces their knowledge and boosts retention.

If you prefer to teach the book based on a particular theme or unit, you can easily do so as we have provided the information in the contents pages, as well as the syllabus overview located at the end of the books. This is what the syllabus overview looks like:

The colour coded tags in the contents group the topic according to five units: Aqīdah, Fiqh, History, Sīrah and Personal development.

You have the option to teach a particular unit or colour in its entirety, such as the blue unit, which focuses on Aqīdah. By doing so, you can cover the entire unit before transitioning to the next unit of your preference.

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