Does a teacher need to be proficient to teach all subjects?

We at Safar like all institutions, understand and face the same difficulties as other maktabs and institutes, especially in relation to teacher recruitment. However, we do focus on picking staff who are proficient in all subjects: so for example, they not only teach Islamic Studies but are also competent in teaching Qurʾān and Tajwīd. 

We also provide regular training to all our staff to ensure they are constantly improving themselves. This involves regular sessions with an expert Qarī to ensure they improve and maintain high Tajwīd standards.

Where it is not possible for a teacher to teach all subjects, you can allow a teacher to work to their strengths: so a Qarī, or someone who specialises in Tajwīd, can focus on teaching all Qurʾān related lessons while others who are more proficient in General Islamic Studies can teach Islamic Studies related subjects. 

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