Does each student need a Textbook/Workbook?

We would strongly advise that each student has a textbook and a workbook of their own.

The textbooks and workbooks have been designed to be used in conjunction with one another to maximise the learning of each student. Having a textbook for each student allows them to learn through the book with their teachers and can also be used as reference at home. The textbooks contain many stories which children really enjoy reading with parents at home. We have received a lot of feedback off parents saying that they have greatly benefitted from the books themselves whilst going through them with their children at home due to the simple and easy to read language. Having a textbook for each student not only aids the students learning but can also really help the parents and siblings refresh and increase their knowledge too.

The workbook is an essential tool for all students and for teachers who may be looking to set class work as well as home work. Questions have been carefully devised and categorised into standard and advanced levels, thus challenging all student abilities. The workbook contains trackers for homework as well as a Salah tracker. They also contain a diary which is a very useful tool which is used to communicate between the teacher and parent, hence having a workbook for each student is also essential.
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