How to leave a review on the books

We really appreciate any feedback/reviews you leave us as it helps others decide whether or not the books are suitable for them. 

If someone buys a book due to the review you have left, It will be a means of sadaqah jariyah (everlasting reward) for you insha'Allah! 

It is very easy to leave a review. Please follow the steps below to see how it can be done:

Hover your cursor over "Buy the books" on the top menu and click on "View All" 

Click on the book you want to review to open up the description page. The Reviews tab can be found next to the description and additional information tabs in the middle of the page. 
Choose your star rating for the book, write your review and click on submit and that's it, Alhamdulillah it's as simple as that!

Please see the below gif for more help on leaving a review:

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