Who writes the textbooks?

A collaborative effort

Our  Islamic Studies textbooks are the culmination of a collaborative effort by teachers at Safar Academy, scholars with expertise in Islam (having completed the ʿAlimiyyah or its equivalent), teachers and educators with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and people with expertise in mainstream teaching theory. 

This effort is aways combined with input and feedback from teachers, students, parents and external organisations. Furthermore, the books are always trialled and tested within our Safar Academy branches. This process ensures we produce reliable, original and functional content that is relevant to the learners and teachers of today.

The prefaces and introductions in the publications detail all credits and acknowledgements; you can refer to them for details on the development process and key team members. 

The current team

The current development and editing team for the Learn about Islam Series (Islamic Studies), primary and secondary, is as follows:

Shaykh  Hasan Ali – Author and chief-editor

Muhammed Ahmed – Author and editor

Muhibul Haq - Author and editor

Moulana Ahdeeb Khatib – Editor 

Moulana Muhi Uddin – Editor 

Mufti Hasan Saleem, Editor 

Saleem Seedat, Editor 

As well as countless contributions, suggestions, and editorial input from brothers and sisters teaching and learning at Safar Academy and other external users of the syllabus. May Allāh reward them all abundantly. 

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