How do we administer examinations for students?

Students at Safar Academy sit in-class tests on weeks 10 and 20 of the academic calendar. All students also have a final annual exam. To prepare for this, students are given at least a 4-week revision period. The exams go through careful development and review to ensure they are purposeful.

At Safar, we try to use a combination of verbal, practical and written tests to cater for all learners. We do not have any tests for Year 1 and only use verbal and practical tests for Year 2. It is only from Year 3 that we start to administer written tests (as well as using practical aspects of testing).

You may register to receive our exam packs here.

The exam packs comprise of:

  • Year 2 – 6 exams
  • Mark Schemes
  • Exam Guidance Document

The exam papers have been written by our lead examiner who is an experienced and qualified teacher. He is also an examiner for AQA, one of the largest examinations and awarding bodies in the UK. We have ensured the papers are of the highest standards by taking into consideration; age appropriateness and levels of questioning to test varied abilities. Papers are also reviewed by the Safar publications curriculum team including and lead by Shaykh Hasan Ali.

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