How long is a textbook taught for?

Users of the textbooks are able to adapt them to meet their own requirements. You can use a textbook over one academic year or if you have less teaching hours, you could increase this to two academic years. Some of our users also use for example, some of the higher level books (Year 5 and 6) over two years. It really depends on your timetable, student cohort, what they have studied previously, as well as the objectives that you set your your teaching institution. It is better to teach your students something new, than to cover areas they may already be familiar with, and teach at a pace that allows them to really engage with the material rather than aiming to complete a book as quick as possible. 

What we recommend

Our own branches use a textbook (and workbook) for the duration of one academic year (September-July). This is approximately 41 weeks of the calendar. So, students in Year 1 complete the textbook and workbook in once academic year, before moving on to Year 2.

Not all of the time during the year is always used in teaching the textbook. Time is allocated for revision (for mid-term and end of year tests) as well as extra-curricular activities such as school plays, student presentations, parents meetings and trips to places of interests. Our calendar also includes breaks for holidays.  

For suggested timetabling ideas and to see the many different ways both weekday and weekend institutions have been implementing our syllabus, you can download this document:  Safar Timetabling Permutations

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