Will the curriculum fit my timetable?

Your timetable and our curriculum

Our publications can be used to meet the needs of a variety of teaching timetables – whether in a weekend or weekday setting; we have madrasahs/maktabs and institutes who use the books in a wide variety of settings. 

For Islamic studies, each chapter is written as a complete lesson.  The content in a chapter can be tailored (with prior planning) to fit a single 45-minute Islamic studies lesson or it can extend to a 90 or 120-minute lesson, whether this is a single session or multiple sessions. You can refer to the  Schemes of Work for each textbook as well as the Safar Teacher's Toolbox; they give you ideas for different activities to include in your lessons. You can also use the workbooks (or parts of the workbook) during lessons to suit longer teaching sessions or it can be used for homework. 

For the other subjects, again the time you spend teaching each series is up to you. For suggested timetabling ideas and to see the many different ways both weekday and weekend institutions have been implementing our syllabus, please view this document:  Safar Timetabling Permutations

Resources to use when teaching

The Safar Teacher's Toolbox has great resources which can be used with curriculum. These can be used in your lessons and you can use as many activities as you want to suit your timetabling needs.

What we do at Safar Academy

We teach Islamic studies for a total of 75 minutes a week, from year 3 onwards. The sessions are longer for younger learners (Years 1 and 2).

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