Do students need to be grouped according to age (and Key Stage)?

Age and school year groups 

It is advisable to group children for Islamic Studies according to their age or school year group (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3… etc., in the UK. This is also called 'grade' in other parts of the world). However, if there are insufficient students to make up a full class, or age-based grouping is not feasible, then you may group together students with their next closest age or year group/s. 

For example, Year 3 and Year 4 may be grouped together and taught the Year 3 textbook. Year 5 and 6 can be grouped together and taught Year 5, or even Year 6, depending on the ability of your students and what they have already learnt.  Similarly, you can group together ages 6,7,8 and teach the Year 2 or Year 3 textbook, or ages 8,9,10 and teach the Year 4 or 5 textbook.


All our textbooks have sufficient overlapping material, as well as an essential revision sections at the beginning of each textbook. This allows teachers to adapt the books to their students, whether it is a single age group or a mix of ages, as long as it is done with thought and planning.

Note: For the  Learn to Read (Qaidah + Tajwid) and Learn by Heart (Duas) syllabus, children do not need to be grouped by age but according to ability.

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