What are the standard and advanced levels in the workbooks?

Starting from Year 2, all the workbooks have two-tiered activities: standard and advanced questions. This ensures that the workbooks allow for differentiation between the abilities of students. This is also the product of taking into account various teaching theories and methodologies. 

Standard questions

All the standard questions test basic comprehension and understanding of textbook material, as well as revising key terms and definitions. These questions are good for testing if students have learnt and understood the key information in a lesson. The are not open ended nor do they test other abilities of students other than being able to recall or read chapters and answer questions related to the factual information in a chapter.

Advanced questions

One of the aims of the workbooks is to not only test the basic information retained by students, but also encourage the development of high-order thinking skills in students.  Therefore, the advanced questions engage students more creatively, and allow for more open-ended and expressive answers. This gives students a chance to demonstrate their analysis, synthesis and application of the taught material.

How to use the questions

You should use your discretion in how students complete both types of questions. For example, all students may attempt the standard questions, while more able students would be asked to complete all of the advanced questions too. You may also encourage students to attempt as many advanced questions as they can, in addition to the standard questions as a way of challenging students to try more difficult questions.  

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