Is there a marking scheme for the workbooks?

Currently, we have not published a marking scheme for the workbooks. However, we have provided sufficient guidelines in the workbooks (where necessary) to help teachers mark a student's work. For example, the advanced questions in the Year 6 Workbook contain pointers to help a student devise their response:

 More helpful tips

  • Most of the standard questions are easy to score against the information contained in the textbook lessons. Standard questions may ask for definitions, names, dates or ask if a action is correct or incorrect. If you have aread of a chapter, the standard questions will usually test on this content in a 'correct/incorrect' style questioning format. 
  • Marks for each question will help you score an answer. 
  • The advanced questions are there to promote creativity and higher level thinking amongst students. Therefore, you have more discretion on how to score a student’s answer. We have, nontheless provided guide marks. 
  • If you are particularly impressed with a students answer, feel free to give extra marks!.
  • Year 1 workbook is a craft based activity book and does not need a mark scheme. 
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