At what age do children start the books?

Our books have been carefully mapped out in terms of content, structure, language & grammar to ensure they meet the needs of the students of today.

In the UK, we follow the Key Stage age (KS1, KS2 etc) set by the educational standards and play a close focus on the national reading level to ensure the learning in our islamic institutes does not disadvantage the students

In the US (and other parts of the world) we have tried to map the textbooks with our suggested age ranges that they could fit in to but it is up-to the discretion of the curriculum leads at the institute to decide where best the Textbooks fit with their students when taking into account reading ability, age, class structure etc

 For the Islamic Studies series, the suggested target ages are as follows:

Islamic Studies Publication Suggested Age School Year (UK) / Grade (US)
Textbook 1 5-6 Year 1 / Kindergarten
Textbook 2 6-7 Year 2 / 1st Grade
Textbook 3 7-8 Year 3 / 2nd Grade
Textbook 4 8-9 Year 4 / 3rd Grade
Textbook 5 9-10 Year 5 / 4th Grade
Textbook 6 10-11 Year 6 / 5th Grade
Textbook 7 12+ Year 7 + 8* / 6th + 7th Grade*
Textbook 8 14+ Year 9 + 10* / 8th + 9th Grade*

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